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A healthy lifestyle


Fit - exercise

What is the best exercise for physical health?

Cardiovascular exercises

  1. Bike riding
  2. Swiming
  3. Walking
  4. Running
  1. Increases HDL ( good Cholesterol ) level ​
  2. Lowers Heart Disease
  3. Helps better night’s sleep
  4. Helps better control blood sugar​

Please try HeartsRoute ( safe and bike only routes )


Why Cycling Exercise

Bike riding benefit
Havard Univ. : Benefits of cycling


Lifelong Fitness

Medical Disclaimer : The information on this website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnostic or treatment.

HeartsBio App (Beta)

Tracking distance

regular exercise
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Start with HeartsRoute

Easy Bike Route

Beginner bike trails

Full Route Video

Riding outdoors and exploring new views

Safe Bike Only Route

Safe and no car traffic

Detail Route Info

Detail start and end map and route information

Full route video - regular speed

Safe bike route guide & indoor riding


Model H

  • HeartsBio Carbon Road Bike
  • Toray T700 Supreme Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Shimano Sora 9 x 2 = 18 Speeds
  • Minimal design for custom club logo
  • Total bike weight : 18.7 lb – Item Location: Corona, CA, United States
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on Model H Carbon Frame, 1 year mechanical parts
HeartsBio Carbon Road Bike 18.7lb Model H
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HeartsBio Carbon Road Bike 18.7lb Model H
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Bike Assembly

    1. All tools are included
    2. Three parts : Front wheel, handlebar and main body

Carbon Bike Q&A

Questions and answers for carbon road bike Model H

Derailleur lever, front and rear derailleur (SORA) are from Shimano Japan. Carbon frame is from China. 

It fits up to 700x28mm gravel tires.

Please send an email the name for custom bike logo

Customer care email :

Tools are included in a package. Please check the bike assembly video below.

Yes. If it’s not for you, no problem. We’ll refund your entire order—no questions asked.

HeartsBio Carbon Road Bike 18.7lb Model H
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Custom Decal Installation

    1. White / Black reflective engineering film available
    2. Two sides : letters or symbols
    3. If you have any questions, please contact us with


New Design

    1. New HeartsFit bike and accessory logo
    2. Minimal design for custom decals


AirTag for HeartsBike

    1. AirTag holder for HeartsBike
    2. Share your location for any emergency 
    3. Find My (iOS) – bike


Model T

  • HeartsBio Carbon Mountain Bike
  • Shimano ALTUS27 (3×9) speeds : SL-M2010/RD-M2000
  • Shimano ALTUS MT200 Disk brake (Made in Japan)
  • Weight : 28.6 lb
  • Size : 27.5″ x 15 or 17
  • Minimal design for custom club logo
  • Crankset Prowheel (Made in Taiwan)
  • Carbon T700 frame (Made in China)
Model T carbon mountain bike
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Model T assembly video
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Model T Assembly

    1. All tools are included
    2. Three parts : Front wheel, handlebar and main body


Model R

  • HeartsBio Indoor bike prototype ( more feature upgrades in progress )
  • Compatible with Zwift and HeartsApp
  • Minimal design for custom club logo
  • Resistance : infinite variable magnetic adjustments
  • Flywheel : 460 mm 40 lb ( 18kg )
  • Drive System : Poly-v belt – quite and smooth


Why Cardiovascular Exercise

HDL - Good Cholesterol

Cardiovascular exercise increase HDL ( good Cholesterol ) level

Lower Heart Disease

Decreases risk of heart disease

Better Sleep

Helps better night's sleep

Control Blood Sugar

Helps better control blood sugar

Mayo Clinic : Cardiovascular Exercise


Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are two different tools with two different jobs.
You need to
exercise to stay healthy and to age well.
And watch your diet if you want to watch your weight.

NIH : Average daily energy expenditure


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