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About Cervivor

Cervivor is a global community of patient advocates who inspire and empower those affected by cervical cancer by educating and motivating them to use their voices for creating awareness to end stigma, influence decision and change, and end cervical cancer.

About Celemics

At Celemics, we proactively pioneer and adapt to the ever-changing NGS markets with our cutting-edge technology to support our customers needs. We are keenly focused on bringing optimized solutions to customers by elaborately customizing them to individual needs and goals.As a leader in NGS technology, we have developed and manufactured over a thousand different panels for our customers, including hospitals, clinical labs, research institutes, and biopharma companies. Through the outstanding performance of the panels, enabled by Celemics proprietary core technologies, we have established a robust global network serving clients and partners in various academia, research, and clinical diagnostic fields.With our exclusive core technologies for designing probes and optimizing assays and chemistry, customers can experience market-leading quality data with a time-saving workflow, gaining valuable insights for their discoveries.

What Celemics Do

Celemics confidently offers one-stop NGS solution; from library preparation to data analysis with market-leading performance. 
Using Celemics’ proprietary technologies, we provide diverse commercialized or customized panels and sequencing services for the utmost quality.
We bring innovative NGS-based solutions that allow more people to benefit from NGS.